Manage a Remote Team Effectively—Here’s How – Part Two

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Manage Your Work

Managing your business through strong well thought out organization will help it grow. Businesses that are unorganized are scattered, struggle to get tasks accomplished and quite often ultimately fail. Overseeing a team people working remotely around the planet and not knowing what project or task each person is working on while trying to complete several projects at the same time can turn into a disaster for the team, its projects and its weekly task are not organized and manage well. For a business to succeed it must develop businesses processes and then institute them through an online project management tool such as With the proper implementation of a set of business processes and a project management tool like your company will complete its projects on time and be successful.

To begin, put together the company’s data and the develop specific categories for it. Be sure to make the process open and include the company’s team members. The age-old adage, two heads are better than, is so true. Decide how your company will communicate across the entire spectrum of company tasks, its team members, its proposals and current projects. Email immediately when an urgent subject or project comes up. Implement a 24/7 company chat room that team members can use if something critical happens.

When new projects are brought on board to the company, communicate with the team members that will work on project through the company’s project management tool. Implement the team collaboration and sharing tools in your project management software so you are can view what each team member is working on, where they are at with their assigned tasks and what needs to be completed to finish the job.  

Implement Time Tracking

Include a time-track tool into the workflow of your business. It is an excellent method to maintain employees focus, look at their ongoing job performance, create specific attainable goals and build up team daily, weekly, monthly and annual success.

Announce your company’s new time-tracking tool to the entire team and inform them about how the tool will be a huge asset for them with respect to work productivity and project completion. Be certain they know exactly how to use the tool to assist them with time management, productivity and success.

Time-tracking software tools will assist your team to be aware of exactly how much time it takes to complete tasks, which will enhance focus and overcome getting side-tracked. Time-tracking tools end the hassle of correct payroll computation. Once you institute time-tracking software into your company, you will always pay payroll exactly because your new system tracks and records every minute team members spend working.   

The primary upside component of time-tracking tools for remote teams is each team member is in control of their time because they know exactly how much time they worked and what they accomplished. This fact gives them ability to identify the work activity that is no productive and see where they need to improve and then have the data need to make the correct the deficiency.

Strive to Build a Positive Company Culture

Finally, the goal you need strive towards achieving is to build a positive company culture, factoring in the accolades each team member deserves to learn about because they do produce amazing results while working remotely. Building your company’s positive company culture can be accomplished by building relationships through online meetings, striving to accomplish company goals, honoring each team members contributions and time and finally, acknowledging each team members skill sets and gifts.

Summing Up Remote Team Management

Remote team management is not easy: developing quality workflow process, reviewing team members ongoing work task status and tracking project completion is harder to do remotely than it is if everyone worked in an office. Know that once you institute a work process with built in rules, reporting and time-tracking for your remote team you will be able to accomplish what might otherwise be impossible to do. Organizing your company by setting it up logically with a user-friendly system will help you build a team of dedicated, focused and results-oriented employees that will assist to make your company’s goals a reality.   

Manage a Remote Team Effectively—Here’s How – Part One

Kevin Kenealy remote team management Comments Off on Manage a Remote Team Effectively—Here’s How – Part One
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The advent of business owners, companies and corporations turning into thriving businesses using the digital world known as the internet created a demand for teams of virtual employees and contractors that work remotely. Locating employees that work remotely and hiring them is part of the requirements needed to fill this new demand and the second part of the requirements are figure out how to manage them remotely as well.

What does a company need to do to manage a team of workers that work remotely from home and do it well? What needs to happen communication wise to make certain all assigned tasks are understood, to make sure job responsibilities are spelled out and known and be sure that work that’s been assigned is being completed, instead of working on other client’s work and not working on your company’s assignments at all. What needs to be done to drive a remote team to do excellent work and be committed to completing tasks on time. How can communication be factored into a regular routine with remote team members, so they become engaged and connected to the company and its managers.

Here are a set of strategies to assist you in locating the resolutions to this set of needs and how to become good and improve at overseeing a remote team from any place on the planet on a regular basis. The strategies are as follows:

Promote Openness

Building a team, then leading it and managing it well requires team members and their manager absolutely need to work just as hard and communicate freely. Remote teams need a manager that is completely real with them. Teams work more effectively when a manager is available and communicates freely. Managers that are open and promote frankness, idea sharing and opinion sharing regarding current jobs, upcoming projects and pending proposal are more effective, productive, and successful. Team members work harder and feel committed to their work when they know their free to express their opinions and ideas about work and upcoming projects.

Be open. Act on being open by directly involving team members in each component of the company where it makes sense. Communicate with your team about the company’s goals, its mission, its current projects and its short- and long-term plans. From there, set down what your expectations are going forward and be sure to share some aspects about you and promote talking about subjects other than just work.  

When you have a remote team it’s easy to hold a meeting remotely through Google Hangouts or Go To Meeting applications.

Conduct Meetings Regularly

Remote teams are challenged with holding meetings because team members and their manager often work at different hours in different time zones around the world. Don’t let that stop you from conducting regular meetings. Set a time for your meetings that makes sense, then stick to it.

The best way to find out what type of folks are on your team is to conduct meetings at a minimum one time a week. Be sure to make the meeting upbeat, welcoming and open to create and atmosphere where all attendees can talk freely and feel comfortable doing it. Look at as if you’re team is meeting for coffee and make it feel that way.

The pluses of a virtual meeting are many. The upside of virtual meetings is that remote team members can be on the road, sitting at their home office or at a shared office space and still meet easily. The primary goal here is to have your virtual team log-in to its regular weekly virtual meeting program and then enjoy the meeting while catching up and communicating with each other and about what’s going on with the company and its projects.

By way of conducting regular meetings your team will create a camaraderie it didn’t have before, which will help create the bond your team needs to connect and in turn it will help the company be more successful.

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