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About The Payroll Company – Nestor Romero, CPA

The Payroll Company, located in Albuquerque, NM and owned by Nestor Romero, CPA, is a New Mexico based payroll processing provider serving businesses of all sizes (2 – 550) throughout the Southwest. The Payroll Company was founded 17 years ago as a Customer and Community Focused company. Our products are great, but our Customer Service is OUTSTANDING!

With more than 250 years combined experience, we offer highly skilled expertise in Payroll, Accounting, Finance, and other related fields. As your strategic partner, we will take the time to understand your business objectives and develop cost-effective and efficient solutions for you.

We offer a Completely Integrated Solution that allows the Employer and Employee a Cloud Based Solution to manage all their needs. We are the Payroll Affinity Partner of the New Mexico Society of CPA’s, and the endorsed payroll processor for Southwest Capital Bank.

As your strategic partner, The Payroll Company will take the time to understand your business objectives and develop cost-effective and efficient solutions for you.

We guarantee all new clients an immediate 10% reduction in their current payroll processing costs. Because we’re dedicated to helping build local communities, we will support your business’ community initiatives.

Let’s talk about how The Payroll Company can be both your community and business partner.

Nestor Romero, CPA

Nestor Romero, CPA - Nestor Romero is a highly accomplished Certified Public Accountant and the proud owner of The Payroll Company.

Nestor Romero is a highly accomplished Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the proud owner of The Payroll Company. With a strong educational background and extensive experience in the field of accounting, Nestor has established himself as a trusted professional in the industry. Nestor Romero has over 30 years of varied business experience, which began with a Big 4 accounting firm and then as the Internal Auditor of a three-state Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan. His entrepreneurial career began in 1994 and continues today as the majority owner of The Payroll Company. Over the last two decades, Nestor has built a successful bar/restaurant and a nationally recognized insurance consulting company. He is a partner in a venture capital firm and holds ownership interests in a semiconductor testing company, a water disinfection company, a restaurant chain, and a smoothie and yogurt chain. He has served on the boards of the UNM Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Mexico, the Albuquerque Community Foundation, the UNM Lobo Club, and the Society of Financial Examiners and was awarded the Presidents Volunteer Service Award by President George W. Bush. Currently, he is serving his second term on the Board of Special Olympics of New Mexico.

Nestor Romero

Education and Professional Qualifications

Nestor Romero holds a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from New Mexico State University, where he developed a solid foundation in accounting principles, financial analysis, and tax planning. Recognizing the importance of continuous learning and professional growth, he went on to pursue an MBA degree from the prestigious University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management.

Professional Expertise

With his strong educational background and expertise in accounting, Nestor possesses a deep understanding of financial management, tax regulations, and payroll administration. His in-depth knowledge and meticulous attention to detail have made him an invaluable asset to his clients, helping them navigate complex financial matters and achieve their business goals.

As a CPA, Nestor Romero provides exceptional service and tailored solutions to his clients. He believes in building strong relationships based on trust, reliability, and integrity. Nestor understands that every business is unique, and he leverages his expertise to develop customized strategies that address the specific needs and challenges of each client.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Motivated by his passion for accounting and a desire to make a positive impact in the business community, Nestor founded The Payroll Company. Under his leadership, the company has thrived, gaining a reputation for excellence and professionalism in the field of payroll management. Nestor’s commitment to delivering accurate, timely, and compliant payroll services has helped numerous businesses streamline their operations and focus on their core objectives.

Beyond his role as a business owner, Nestor is an active participant in various professional organizations and networks. He stays updated on the latest industry trends, regulations, and technological advancements, ensuring that his clients receive the most up-to-date advice and solutions.

Personal Values

Nestor Romero’s success is rooted in his unwavering commitment to his clients’ success. He believes in providing personalized attention, fostering long-term relationships, and going the extra mile to exceed expectations. Nestor understands that financial matters can be complex and overwhelming, and he is dedicated to simplifying the process for his clients, empowering them to make informed decisions and achieve financial stability. Nestor Romero, CPA, is a trusted partner for businesses seeking expert accounting services and reliable payroll management solutions. With his extensive knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to client satisfaction, Nestor is committed to helping businesses thrive and reach their full potential.

John Phillips

John Philips handles all aspects of payroll, from daily operations and all tax reporting, to setting up new clients and corresponding daily with existing clients.

John Philips handles all aspects of payroll, from daily operations and all tax reporting, to setting up new clients and corresponding daily with existing clients. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from DeVry Institute of Technology. Working in payroll since 1994, he has a strong background in both technology and accounting.

Onboarding & Hiring

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Pre-Interview Questions
  • Electronic Employee Onboarding

Payroll Processing

  • Secure access to corporate payroll and HR data from any web browser
  • Three easy steps: start payroll, import or key payroll, submit payroll
  • Complete payroll from your laptop, in your office, at home, on the road
  • Work Comp Premium Calculation & Reporting to Carrier with Each Payroll
  • 401K Deduction & Employer match Calculation & Reporting to Carrier with Each Payroll
  • Fully customizable reports to fit your specific needs

Human Resources Support

  • Online HR Support System
  • Affordable Care Act Assistance

Integrated Time & Attendance

  • Track Time from Smart Phone, IPad, Computer, or Time Clock
  • Time collection, management, and extensive reporting
  • Tracks accruals and exceptions
  • Integrated with our payentry.com payroll software
  • Affordable Care Act time tracking & reporting

Online Benefits Enrollment & Management

  • Employees can manage benefits through a web-based system
  • Allows employer to easily approve and manage employee benefits online
  • Comprehensive solution reduces administrative costs
  • COBRA Administration
  • Cloud Based Employee Experience
  • Employees can view their paystubs/W2’s on Web or Smart Phone
  • Employees can manage their Vacation & Personal Information Online

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