Google My Business Importance in 2020 to Local Businesses

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Businesses in 2020 need to take advantage of Google My Business on Google. It provides business an amazing way to show up in the search results in Google for their business name. Besides the apparent reason why it is great due to the fact it helps people locate your business from any computer or smart device with access to the internet, it also is great because it does not cost a cent. Google My Business is free.  

Google My Business Listing Explained

Google My Business gives business owners a method to have a thorough business listing with all its relevant information for its products and services on Google that features the business in search results, and on Google Maps

In your company’s Google My Business listing you can feature critical facts about your business which are your business hours, your telephone number, your website address URL, products, services, and unlimited number of images. You also get to post a business logo and a featured image of your business.  

Google My Business listings are free and need to be considered by businesses as a critical component that needs to be updated with new content each month to help the ongoing success of your business. Even if your business is strictly digital, whether its products online being offered or services, and it does not need a physical location, setting up a Google My Business should still be part of your business strategy for success.

Enhance Your Company’s Search Visibility for Local Searches through Your Google Business Listing

Creating your company’s Google My Business listing is easily the most powerful method available today to provide your business a way to get located online. In 2020 60 percent of searches have local intentions for goods and or services. People type in ‘service/product’ near me in Google several times a day, week and month on their Desktop computer or their smartphone. Google uses this real time practical consumer use of its search engine when programming their search engine algorithms to provide the best possible search results for the end user.

Most people have used Google and searched using terms like ‘restaurants near me’, ‘tire shop near me’. The search results generated feature three businesses known as the ‘Google 3-pack’ giving your 3 businesses that are nearby for the search query you ran. There are more businesses in this search results, but users need click ‘view more’ to see them, which when clicked will go to a second page.

Businesses that did set up their business in Google My Business will show up in the Google 3-pack or on the second page of businesses listed on Google My Business for the category on Google and its map. Consider these facts presented here relevant to your company’s products/services and how local searches on Google would help your business’ success every single day of the year.

Google continually updates the programming of its search algorithms. For your business to be found in local searches for the products or services you offer, you must set up a Google My Business listings for your company and update it consistently with fresh photos and list your products and current information regarding hours and locations.

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