Why Time Management is So Important To Your Company – Part Two

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Why Time Management is So Important To Your Company - Part Two
Why Time Management is So Important To Your Company – Part Two

Know Your Management Style

This is important for more than
just workplace harmony. In order to be the best leader possible, you need to be
able to step away from your role at times and see if your approach to things is
truly effective. At times it can be difficult to accept constructive criticism but
getting feedback from your colleagues is crucial to your personal growth and
ability to be a good leader. You need to be willing to take notes on their
opinions and apply them to your regular habits. Think of ways you can improve
the work environment, and even consider gaining additional skills or a new way
to approach any existing issues that have yet to be resolved. 

Management on all levels of the
company should make this a practice. This process of self-evaluation will help
solidify every department’s project management, incentive programs, and
collaboration with one another.

Eliminate Busywork When Possible

You need to cut down on “busywork”.  You will not see it right away when you reduce or eliminate busy work you and your employees are doing, but you will notice it when tasks that never seem to get done are getting completed quickly.

When you achieve better time
management skills, you and your team will be able to accomplish more in much
less time. You may often find yourself overworked due to something completely
resolvable; such as more communication. If you are not assigning tasks to your
team or properly coaching them, your plate of tasks can easily overflow.
Management in itself takes a good deal of time and effort, so where do you find
the extra energy to motivate and educate the people working under you? A very
big step you can take in this direction is not expecting them to know
everything, that’s your job. If there is a project that needs to be handled,
take it upon yourself to handle enough of the preparation phase that the team
is set up for success without your presence being necessary for completion.
This will give them a feeling of importance as well as free up more of your
time to line up the next project. 

Look at Increasing Remote Workers

You need to consider remote work practices.  There are several reasons why this makes good sense, but mostly it is a smart move because a company’s staff will become productivity machines. There are several reasons that correlate the positive reasons why it remote workers truly do work out nicely, bearing that it is a good idea to source out some tasks to people who work from home. Remote employees are not only enthusiastic about the lifestyle they have adopted, they are already great with self and time management. This will also enable you to be more selective about the people on your team without being restricted to your location. Once they are trained and on board with what you need, you can give them partial or even whole projects – which will ultimately give you more time to focus on growing your business as opposed to working in it. 

It is important to remember,
you are the leader of a team. They look to you for tasks as well as guidance.
You should not feel overworked or stressed out when you have a group of people
ready to support you and back you up. Building a team that is capable of
managing their own time will set you up for success in more ways than

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