Top Payroll Problems and How To Avoid Them – Part Two

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Managing company payroll is overwhelming for many Human Resources staff. There are several real issues that do come up when completing company payroll. Keep in mind when the issues are identified they are normally simple to address. Here are the top payroll issues and how to address them. They are as follows:

Paid Time-Off and Sick Leave

It is mandatory and critical to account for all paid time-off and sick leave when completing payroll. When it comes to one mistake or several mistakes regarding vacation pay or sick leave, the cumulative negative effect can turn into a catastrophe for a company.  Payroll is an intricate endeavor and due to days off for sick leave or vacation the HR department may need to delay processing it. To eliminate this from happening, make it a requirement that all staff work hours be input into the company’s timekeeping record three days before payroll processing is to take place.

“Payroll is a complicated process, and it may be pushed off due to holidays or sick days,” said Masterson. “To avoid this, make sure you have the work hours of all of your employees at least three days in advance. If you notice a paycheck will be late, let the employee(s) know as soon as possible.”

Communication Errors

Errors are going to happen, and they are going to occur occasionally. But when it comes to Human Resources managing payroll, their errors are public and need to be deal with immediately. When payroll errors are made, the Human Resources department must communicate any payroll company policy updates or components that are not understood to make certain everyone is understands those changes completely, from the top to the bottom of the company.

Human Resources managers must be certain they keep an open clear line of communication about any aspects impacting company employees’ pay. When tax rules are changed by a state or the federal government, human resources managers to learn what the changes are and then update payroll to bring the company into compliance, plus communicate those changes to staff so they know about it before it impacts their paycheck.

Incorrectly Classified Company Staff

An error many companies incur is knowing not all people working for it are viewed as an employee by the federal government.

Companies that employ temporary staff, gig workers, freelancers, contractors, or vendors providing services need to know these workers are not employees of the company because they do not meet the rules to classify them as such. The difference from certain workers to other workers impacts paid benefits, employment and federal income taxes withheld and the issuance of a 1099 or a W-2, which is reported directly to the IRS. When a company does not classify an employee correctly it may trigger several negative outcomes including fines and penalties. It is paramount you have complete knowledge and comprehension of how each person working for your company needs to be classified when it comes to their worker employment status.   

Not Paying Payroll On-Time

Paying staff members on time is a duty than cannot be ever be delayed. In the business world there are problems that arise that are beyond your control such as large unpaid invoice which means your company is left unpaid which may impact whether you can pay your staff or not  

Your company absolutely must have a hard policy regarding a regularly scheduled payroll being disrupted where the problem is always communicated to the company staff immediately. Communicating the payroll disruption immediately will hopefully give them the time to adjust their finances in their personal life. Know for a fact that employees are never going to accepting about a late paycheck.  

Summing Up Top Payroll Problems

Payroll is the lifeblood of the success of all companies. Team members perform work that generates income from which the company hopefully makes a profit. Without hard working the company does not exist. Companies should look at using the best payroll and time keeping technology available today so that payroll is paid accurately, and records are kept that make sure the company follows federal and state employment wage and hour laws. Employers need to employ strategies and policies that make sure they follow all state laws with respect to freelance and contract employees. Employers need to make sure they keep accurate time-off and sick leave records and pay employees for them accurately. Communicating all important changes to employees when they occur when it comes to payroll is critical. All employees need to be classified when it comes to their employment classification correctly, from gig workers to full-time employees. Payroll must be paid on time without fail and if it cannot be paid on time, this fact must be communicated to employees immediately.

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