Top Methods Payroll Managers Can Use to Increase Team Motivation – Part Two

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Top Methods Payroll Managers Can Use to Increase Team Motivation - Part Two

Payroll day tends to be serene in most workplaces, but it is also active. Certain intervals are markedly busier in the workplace compared to other intervals such as month end, the end of quarter and the end of the year. Closing out payroll when its hectic along with it happening just before the holidays may have a negative impact on enthusiasm in the workplace.

Payroll managers can improve their work team’s ability to do their job well and their own job too through doing a scheduled assessment with staff about capacity, workplace issues and problems confronted with on their job. Harried employees tend to make more errors and experience expensive negative financial charge backs compared to employees with high job satisfaction.

Be aware that you cannot eliminate all workplace tasks and inherent job stresses, but featured here are the top methods you can employ to assist your employees and grow workplace motivation:

Assign Team Members Engaging Important Assignments

When team members work at jobs that involve doing the same thing over and over are you knowledgeable on how to improve this group’s job motivation? A terrific way to help this group is to give them an important assignment that is engaging and different than the ones they are going daily now. One method would be to engage the team by assigning them the task to meet up and generate a written record of payroll issues and then team up and generate resolutions on how to solve each one. Through teaming up and laboring together to come up with resolutions to the problems, your team will build a strong cohesive bond where they improve their investment and strength toward their job and the company.     

Reward Effort with Time the gift of time

When a workplace is incredibly busy, payroll managers require a bit of give and take and additional work time from their team. When workplace is not as busy, the give and take needs to go both ways where you permit additional workplace benefits such as flex time work schedules and remote work. This type of give and take is helpful to team members when they are working at balancing work and home life. People appreciate being dealt with fairly. It is a huge component of satisfaction in the workplace. Putting work schedules to enhance your teams balance for work and home has been show to improve ongoing job commitment.   

Hire Assistance When Needed

Top payroll teammates will start to lose focus on the job at hand when feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. This is really the case during busy seasons like the holidays when there are numerous tasks competing for a person’s time at work and at home. When you are preparing for long check task list that is inevitable during both the year-end period and during tax season, be sure to hire additional staff when they are needed. If you cannot hire new staff due to time constraints or due to lack of applicants, bring in temporary staff from local staffing agencies that specialize in skilled accounting or payroll personnel. You will be able to enhance staff morale and job commitment by doing what is needed to not put regular employees in a position where they are overworked and unable to revel in the holidays.

Team commitment is an ongoing endeavor you as a payroll manager must stay dedicated to for the good of the company and its staff.  Assisting your staff so they stay engaged and happy has positive advantages for everyone. The benefits are for the team, the company and in the end, its ongoing profitability.   

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