Top Accountant Salary Negotiating Strategies in 2019 – Part Two

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Do Not Drag Your Feet with Your Offer

Smaller applicant pools in high demand high skill level industries like accounting has brought about salary being discussed sooner during the hiring phase by hiring managers. Managers know today if getting to the salary discussion is held off until the last minute in the hiring process the chance of losing out on hiring a quality candidate goes up sometimes exponentially. The minute you have located the right person for the job that is a good fit for the job and the company come forward right away with an offer and close the deal with the candidate.

4. Do Not Go Over Your Salary Plan Budget

Regardless if the best applicant you could have hoped for shows up in your job applicant queue, do not go outside your company’s written salary plan budget for the position to hire them. Current employees have a way of learning what the new hire is making, so if they find out the salary given to a new employee is far above the company’s salary plan it could create animosity and set the stage for a bunch of angry employees that may quite. A worst-case scenario may ensue at your company if there is a mass exodus of employees.

5. Be Sure to Offer Everything Required at the Beginning

A compensation offer to a new employee can include several components. For example, a new hire can be offered a membership of some type nearby or another type of salary bonus of some sort perhaps like an agreement that include a 3-month, 6-month and one-year pay bonus. Perks that can be offered include non-monetary ones like time off, extra vacation days or work from home options on limited weekly basis.

Final Points About Accountant Salary Negotiations

Negotiating salary methods can and do vary for each job applicant and each job. Knowing all the facts regarding what professionals require in 2019 and what they are being offered by company’s and competitors is so important so you that you have the needed data to be able to make a solid employment offer that has a good chance of being accepted. The last thing you want is to do your company’s payroll processing and come up short because you didn’t hire enough to land your top prospect.  Be sure begin with a rock-solid job offer with a strong salary with the require perks and be being willing to negotiate if required.  Accountants today are completely open normally and set to talk terms, so to be successful make use of the strategies described here so your company prevails and makes the right hires.  

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