Kevin Kenealy 2019 employee benefits Comments Off on The Most Sought After Work Benefits Wanted by Employees in 2019

Benefits are becoming more important to employees today than in the past. Employees in 2019 more than ever want benefits that positively affect their life including wellness, dependent care and top-level health care.

In recent years work benefits have become just as important as compensation to people working on a new career. Job seekers are wanting daily life balanced with work life with respect to a variety of benefits. Feature below is a list of most sought-after benefits by employees in today’s 2019 workplace

#1 Health Care Coverage Benefits

Companies now more than ever are providing optional benefits like mental health coverage, contraception, vision and laser vision surgery. Employees are seeking benefit coverage that impact their lives now not benefits when supplied when they retire.

#2 Preventive Health and Wellness Benefits

Today’s corporations and companies are reducing employer paid health care costs by providing benefits focusing on wellness and prevention.

#3 401K, 403B’s, Stock Purchase Plans

Today’s employees in all age brackets are seeking employers offering strong retirement plans. Depending on how a corporation is structured impacts the level of pre-tax savings employees can deduct from each pay check. Employees are goal driven when to retirement savings.

#4 Benefits When Taking Time Off

Despite that fact that employees are looking for employers offering time-off benefits, employers are reducing paid personal time. Employers want more work and less time off and employees are seeking the opposite in 2019.

#5 Flexible Work Schedules

In 2019 employees are seeking increased flexible work schedules. In the past for decades employees allowed employers to oversee their time and demand a lot. Today’s employees are demanding that employers not be the overpowering influence on day to day like the past decades were for workers. Today balance is everything to employees.

#6 Career Training and Education

Despite that fact fewer companies offering paid career development, it is still a benefit many employees want in 2019 from their employers.

#7 Company Travel Benefits

With the advent of online meetings provided by many technology companies, company travel for work is happening less and less. However, companies that do require travel are expected to cover expenses incurred by employees such as lodging, airfare and transportation.

#8 Relocation Reimbursement or Payment

Employers are paying less and less when it comes to relocation costs in 2019. This benefit is still sought after by employees because no one wants to pay for a move or the cost of transportation to a new location due to a job transfer or new job.

#9 Pay or Additional Salary Bonuses

Employers are offering lower wages today, but is a fact bonuses, such as end of year bonuses and signing bonuses, for top-notch employment prospects are still a great tool for keeping and hiring great employees in 2019.

#10 Employee Perk Benefits

Employers are now providing less perks than in years past, it is a fact. But, employees still desire these perks such as daycare, dry cleaning and company paid sports teams.

Employers seeking top employees and retention of current employee need to be aware of what benefits are super important and which ones can be dropped. It is intriguing to see what employee benefits will be in the years and decades to come.

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