The Importance of Payroll to Small Business in 2020

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The Importance of Payroll to Businesses in 2020

Small business owners where multiple hats while running their company and 2020 is no different. Those hats include payroll, human resources, management, and sales just to name a few. Completing payroll is easily one of the most critical duties a small owner must do to run a successful business. Employees must be able to count on getting their wages on pay day with zero interruptions. Payroll impacts all components of a small business from the confidence about the company employees to the solvency of the company.

Employee Confidence

Employee confidence is tied directly to timely payroll. Large businesses are not as transparent about their financial stability as small businesses. Employees in small businesses are closer to most working aspects of the business they work for including sales, billing, collections, human resources, and payroll. In a small business if payroll is not paid on time or if payroll checks start bouncing at the bank, employees will naturally become concerned about the financial stability of the company. Employees will begin to back away from performing their job duties on time or effectively if they see they are not getting paid for work performed. For employee confidence in a business to stay positive, payroll must be paid on time.

Employee Compensation

A critical component of payroll is that gives each employee direct satisfaction about their value to a small business. Payroll demonstrates and documents each employee’s complete compensation. Employee compensation in payroll includes company paid benefits, commissions, insurances, and salary. At most companies, each employee monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, complete a performance review with the owner, their manage or their department supervisor. If an employee is doing well and meeting or exceeding their agreed job goals, they may be given an increase in salary or an annual bonus, and some instances, both are rewarded. Employee benefits also demonstrate employee’s value to the business. Small businesses that pay employee benefits like health insurance, life insurance and stocks, show to employees directly how much they mean to the company.

Payroll is a Time-Consuming Task

Small business owners spend a considerable amount of time doing payroll. Payroll has to be completed on time weekly, every two weeks or two times a month. Payroll must be 100% accurate. By law, employees are required to be paid the exact amount due to them for the time they provide their labor. Tax withholdings, insurances, and other payroll deductions all must be the correct amount and must be paid on time. To make sure payroll is paid on time and done 100% accurately and to free up a considerable amount of time, small business owners should consider outsourcing payroll.


Timely State and Federal Tax Payments

Payroll must be done correctly for business to keep in compliance with state and federal tax obligations. Penalties for not paying payroll taxes on time are significant. Employees must complete their W-4 withhold forms and it is the responsibility of small business owner to make certain of it. Employee personal taxes withholding is determined by how W-4 withholding forms are completed. Additionally, small business owner must be sure they are withholding and sending the correct amount of FICA taxes monthly and annually from payroll. Legislation can and does get enacted annually that impacts FICA amounts for withholding. It is the employers; responsibility to make sure they are complying when it comes to withholding payroll taxes. Again, this is a perfect example of why it makes sense to outsource payroll processing. Hiring a payroll processing company, like the Payroll Company, is the perfect solution to handle your small business’ payroll in 2020,

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