The Importance of Issuing Paycheck Stubs to Employees Each Pay Period – Part Two

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State Requirements Regarding Issuing Employee’s Paycheck Stubs

importance of issuing paycheck stubs

Every state has its own requirements for paycheck stubs. As previously stated, not every state is required to give employees any kind of paycheck stub. Some of the states this includes but isn’t limited to is Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, South Dakota, to name a few. If you are a business owner in any of the listed states above, you still are required to meet the standards put into place by the FLSA requirements, but this does allow for more leniency in terms of information that you put on to your paystubs. Keep in mind, there are few other states that pertain to this list that haven’t been listed.

In states
such as Alaska, Kansas, Nebraska, New York, and South Carolina you need to have
some type of accessibility to pay-check stub details from your workers. This obligation can be fulfilled by
producing and submitting digital salary stubs to workers .In the meantime,
business owners in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Mexico, North
Carolina and in a few others, employers have to provide the physical format of
a pay stub created for their employees. Some companies will still utilize
direct deposit and then mail out the pay stubs for employees to have a physical
copy. In states like Vermont, Minnesota, and Oregon, paycheck stubs have been
introduced, whereas Hawaii is the single country with an opt-in program.

Paycheck Stub Makers: The Best Solution for Employers

Now that we
have established the criteria and the advantages of paychecks. The next evident
problem is how you can produce it. Thousands of free available paycheck stub
creators will be found through a quick google search. However, using free
paycheck services isn’t the greatest of ideas and here is why. Typically, the
bare minimum will be given by free paycheck stub makers. You’ll build your
basic paycheck stubs, but you’ll be alone. Such free services will not
guarantee that the information produced on the stub is in accordance with local
and federal tax laws. Additionally, these free services will not verify that
your pay stubs ‘ information is correct. In order to verify if information is
correct on paystubs produced by these free services, you will most likely need
to hire a CPA, which can be very expensive.

However, there is a solution to each of potential problems, that say you time and money and that is payroll software. As a solution, payroll software usually includes a way to produce a paycheck stub without any inconvenience and allows for employers to maintain an updated bookkeeping record, and the cost is much less than what typical CPA’s will likely charge you. Moreover, payroll keeping software also safeguards you in terms laws and compliances.   

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