The Biggest Employment Issues for Employers During 2019 – Part One

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Employers deal with lots of issues regarding payroll, payroll taxes, employee benefits, payroll processing and human resources each year and 2019 is no different. Here is a list of the biggest issue’s businesses must stay aware of this year.

  1. Sexual Harassment Deterrence Training Issues – Companies now must be more aware than ever about sexual harassment problems. When the #Me Too movement evolved it created a firestorm in the workplace across the country when it comes to awareness of sexual harassment and its need of deterrence. Starting in 2018 and continuing in 2019 the amount of sexual harassment lawsuits grew significantly around the country. Many states passed new legislation, laws and regulations with built in required workplace training to prevent sexual harassment.
  2. Paid Time Off Issues – Nationwide 40 plus states and city governments have rolled out mandated paid leave laws with additional ones set to launch paid time off laws onto the books during 2019. Paid sick time off laws are more commonplace, it’s true that paid family leave laws cause more hardship and are more difficult for companies. Family leave paid time off laws are paid for by either company or by its employees and they may require mandatory reporting by company’s with respect to employee pay, worked hours and amounts of deductions from paychecks.
  3. Federal Government Reduction of Mandated Retirement Plans – President Trump made an executive order instructing both the Department of Treasure and the Department of roll out suggested legislations with built in regulations to reduce the financial load small businesses deal with while providing savings plans for employee retirement.
  4. Gig Work and Rapid Payment – People working in the Gig economy getting paid rapidly is a big part of the employment scene in 2019. Keeping payments to gig economy workers secure and making sure they get paid rapidly is very important to businesses in today’s employer world.

The Final Word on
Employer Legal Issue Awareness

Companies need to stay in compliance with respect to all payroll processing, insurance compliance and employer laws and regulation mandated by both State and Federal government entities. It is in a company’s best interest to be aware of the biggest issues of the day and make sure it is compliance with all rules and regulations.

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