The Benefits of a Rock Solid New Employee Onboarding Program

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In 2019 the modern technology workplace is super-fast offering information at one’s fingertips and the ability to communicate at the drop of hat using fast computers, email, texting and online meetings. All that technology is fine and well, but it doesn’t do a company a bit of good when hiring a new employee if a solid system isn’t in place to get them onboarded as soon as they step through the door on the first day of work. New employees need to be provided on the first day with new employee orientation, proper training, needed work tools (laptop/desktop, computer log-in credentials, job-position training) and the required job duties information to be a producer for the company from the very beginning. For all this to happen successfully a company needs to provide a complete thorough new employee onboarding system.

Onboarding: A Critical Process for New Employee

To new employees beginning a new job normally
feels like beginning a new school year. They feel a bit of buzz, their a tiny
nervous with maybe a bit of those old butterflies in the tummy, but most of all,
they’re motivated to start the job to begin providing what they can to do make
their new company successful. However, prior to starting their new position a
new employee needs to be provided with the proper tools to succeed and be given
the needed new employee training and information about the position
expectations needed to do their new job well. A solid well thought out onboarding
program provides new employees the needed information and education for their
new job. Plus, it directly interacts with a new employee, so they know what is
expected of them and so they are given the tools immediately to be a solid effective
employee of the company from the very start of their employment. Feature below is
a list of benefits a solid new employee onboarding program provides:

Onboarding Program

1. Recruit and Keep the Best Employees

Most human resource heads today in 2019 concur that going forward it
will be a struggle to recruit, train and keep the best high producing employees.
Providing solid benefits and good salary compared to other company’s is a piece
of cake. Its’ far more difficult to provide the atmosphere at the workplace
that make top talent to stay at an employer, such as solid training, one on one
feedback from supervisors, top level leadership and a positive upbeat company atmosphere.
A strong onboarding program for new employees will help a company start with solid
base for new employees, giving them positive work environment needed from the standpoint
of job fulfillment and enjoyment, so they want to stay at the company for the
long term.

2. Enroll Employees in Onboarding Immediately,
then Get and Stay Involved

Each company’s base values and company culture
are different, but common sense and recent studies bear out that no matter what
the company atmosphere and setting is for employees, for a positive long term employment
with the company to come true for a new employee, they need to get enrolled in
onboarding right away. From there the company needs to get and stay involve
with the employee immediately.

3. Build Business

Employee involvement is the primary objective of
all company onboarding programs. The reason for it is not just to improve the
company work atmosphere, but also because it helps build business. Studies show
companies highly involved with their employees realize dramatically consistent
higher sales and profits that other companies in the same business.

4. Grow Company Involvement and Buy-In

Strong well thought out new employee
onboarding programs provide the base of knowledge and data for new employees to
know about company standards and work flow. Each new employee should be
introduced to management and learn from them about company business growth
agendas and company goals.

5. Start and Grow Bonds with New Employees

Studies show employees that received direct
attention from the beginning, followed up by team building and bonding become bonded
directly with fellow employees, supervisors and managers. The best way to start
this process is set up a work mentor for new employees for the first two weeks
of employment. The mentor can start that bond, answer questions and help forge
a great relationship and connection with the employee and the company itself.

6. Promote Direct Open Dialogue

Staring a new position with a company can be
overwhelming regarding discussing worries or information about your new position
and department. A solid onboarding program will give a new employee the needed
support and guide required to obtain information about the new company without
feeling intimidated.

7. Improve Employee Retention

When companies lose employees, no matter if it
was a performance issue, or a higher pay situation, many times it can affect profit
and create a negative company atmosphere. Putting an solid new employee onboarding
program in place will help

When employees leave your company, regardless of whether they’re a bad fit or just moving on, it can negatively impact your bottom line and team morale. Implementing a new employee onboarding program goes a long way towards ensuring a better employee/employer fit right from the start, as well as opening the lines of communication and keeping employees engaged in the long-term.

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