Optimizing Your Company’s Google My Business Listing in 2020

Kevin Kenealy Optimizing Your Company’s Google My Business Listing in 2020 Comments Off on Optimizing Your Company’s Google My Business Listing in 2020
Optimizing Your Company’s Google My Business Listing in 2020

Once your business has claimed and completed its Google My Business listing, the next move to complete is to thoroughly optimize it. Take the time and patiently fill out all the fields in your Google My Business listing.

After your business is set up on Google My business, chances are good that your business will get discovered on Google by potential customers when they perform a search for it or for the product/services you offer. Once a user locates your listing and decides to explore your business information, they may take several actions including clicking on your business phone number, looking up your business address on Google Maps or clicking on the link to your website.

Users for your products or services require information about what they are looking for immediately because the speed of the internet, the search engines, and the advent of smartphones with access to the internet anywhere anytime. If your company’s critical business information online, especially your business address, hours, phone number, services/products is not accurate, it will be difficult for potential customers to call you and visit you during business hours. When your business location is not simple to locate for potential customers, they will drop your business like a hot potato, tap or click the back button and find a business that is easy to locate. The end result will be your business losing business it should have had a chance at but lost it due to poor information.

Businesses must provide accurate information online to be competitive. Be 100% your company is making the most of all the opportunities provided online where people are doing searches, so you give your business every possible chance to get found and bring in new customers.

Write a Well Written Business Description Focusing on the Local Angle

Invest the necessary time to write a high-quality description of your business. Make sure to include your company’s time in business and its ties to the local community. The better job you do here, the better chances are users will call, visit your business using Google maps, or visit your website. The business description is a basic synopsis of what your business does. It needs to include relevant high search volume keywords or high search volume keyword phrases that draw attention to your Google My Business Listing and entice people to act and call you or visit you. There are 750 characters available to you to use for your business description provided, however it is far more effective to state your best case about your business immediately, than to write a long description no one will read

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