Here’s How to Manage Post-Pandemic Remote Work Teams in 2021 – Part Three

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Here's How to Manage Post-Pandemic Remote Work Teams in 2021 - Part One by The Payroll Compan C

The steps described here are straightforward but not a piece of cake. They mandate time on your part, direct focus, and sticking with each of them. Your remote work team in 2021 will appreciate your efforts; they will enjoy their jobs and be more effective because you took the time to communicate with them and stick with them through these difficult times.   

Supervisors and managers of employees remote working at home should follow these steps:

Hone In On End Results, Not on Tasks

Honing on results will grow employee commitment and give them the power they need to do their best. Spelling out desired outcomes and then giving employees the leeway to determine an action plan to make them happen will grow their inventiveness and commitment to the results. 

Spell Out the Reasons for the End Results

Spelling out reasons connects the previously described steps. Spelling out the reason is paramount for cognitively tying employees to the company’s agreed results. However, with the current upheaval in the workplace occurring due to the pandemic, and with new workplaces, new goals, new issues, significant levels of difficulties and unusual, unique circumstances, making sure your entire team is fully informed about the company’s desired results and what each person roll is in making success happen is the foundation of building a successful remote work team. 

Supply the Tools Needed for Success

In history, there has never been a successful leader in a war that sent their soldiers into battle minus the needed tools, training, and supplies. Remote workers need good desktop computers, big-screen monitors, laptops, premium WiFi, headsets, and high-quality web cameras. For your remote team workers to be successful, they need to be equipped right. 

Take Away Roadblocks

You must know there will be roadblocks employees encounter when remotely working. Things like being alone, kids at home-schooling, neighbors coming over, family communicating with your staff more often because they are at work and not at home are all roadblocks that will hurt their productivity. Your job is to determine what those roadblocks are and help your employee figure out ways to prevent them from occurring or help them manage them when they do. 


Promote connecting socially with coworkers when working remotely 

Communicate to your remote staff that you require that they set up regularly scheduled fun events everyone can join. Those events can be video conferencing happy hours, pizza parties, or an after 4 p.m. Friday happy hour. These activities can be games or any number of fun things to do. These should not happen all the time, like weekly, but need to occur at least once monthly.

Be Open to Offering Work Schedule Adaptability

Remote workers all have different lives. Keep this in mind when their work setting to work remotely is not ideal. For instance, some remote workers have children or parents at home. Their internet connection might be at the local coffeehouse. Remote team managers that adapt to employees’ unique situations get rewarded with a commitment on their part. 

Show Understanding

Particularly in the framework of the sudden change to remote work, managers must communicate to their employees that you recognize their worries and struggles and support them as they make the transition. Studies have shown that employees lean on their manager for direction on how to manage and deal with a significant change or an overly burdensome new set of work settings. Be supportive, and you will realize better results in the end. 

Be a Mentor and Coach to Realize Success 

Managing is a lost art form, and that is because the best managers coach and mentor and give employees the freedom to figure things out, be successful and grow in the process.

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