Get Google My Business Reviews from Your Customers—Here’s Why

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Get Google My Business Reviews from Your Customers—Here’s Why

Improving your website ranking in Google search and Google Maps can be assisted by collecting customer reviews on Google. People sharing on Google what their experience was and how they rank it for a business, from 1 to 5 stars, sends direct signals, positive or negative to the search engines and it impacts local search engine ranking. Additionally, the provide real evidence to people looking at your business how your customers were treated and what kind of experience they had when dealing with your business. Customer read reviews and make choices on whether to work with a business or to not go near it because there are comments on their Google My Business reviews, they do a poor job. The premier way to get more reviews on Google from your customers is to aske people to write a review for your business on Google. Another way to get more reviews is to send direct personalized email to customer with a request for a review.

Answer All your Google Reviews on Google My Business, Good or Bad

It is critical for your success on Google My Business to answer all your business’ reviews, even the bad ones. Answering reviews will demonstrate to all customers reading your reviews that your business sees customer feedback and customer service as a top priority of your business and that you want to always do everything you can to do a good job. Giving this type of high-level customer service shows potential customers your business is professional and will everything it possible can to take care of them. Saying thanks for all your positive reviews shows directly you think and care about all your customers.

Take advantage of your customer reviews on Google My Business do learn how you can improve how you do business. Feedback, good and bad, is chance to take constructive comments to learn how you can keep doing a good job and what you need to do to improve how your business operates and treats customers. Reviews are incredibly important to business because they are real world gauge of how your business is doing.

Finally, you can use your reviews as an opportunity to get better as a business; learn what people like and what they didn’t like and improve upon it. Reviews are valuable data to a business.

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