Finding and Developing Top Talent in 2020 – Part Two

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Recruiting Top Talent in 2020 by The Payroll Company 505-944-0105
Recruiting Top Talent in 2020 by The Payroll Company 505-944-0105

Today there are lots of creative effective way to find and develop top talent. Here are a handful of ways to develop the top talent that you have recruited.

3) Developing Internal Talent
Instead of Focusing on External

Organizations focus more primarily for hiring externally, but they may be better off training and developing talent from within. From an organizational cultural perspective, externally hired employees can take longer to adapt to standards and practices of the organization, which may hinder their abilities and job performance. This can lead to higher turnover rates for an organization. One of the more valuable traits top level managers can have for talent scouting is focusing on internal development before hiring externally for positions available. Promoting from within has many benefits. For example, internal hires understand the organization’s culture and already have the ability to circumvent politics of the organization. Additionally, it suggests that the company values loyalty and is committed to its employees. Furthermore, promoting internal candidates can increase moral and keep employees engaged.  

4) Internal Promotions

A very common mistake by hiring managers that is made is the predictable hiring of individuals who display having similar traits as themselves. This can hinder organizational diversity and affect the longer term success of the organization. If we employ people similar to ourselves, we reduce the likelihood of building teams with additional skills that differ or can be considered as complementary. Only people who are different from you and others in your team can reflect on talent inclusive. Nonetheless, we recommend that you move forward and support people who challenge traditional standards. Diversifying a team with individuals with different skills can generate more team progress and achievement for long-term and short-term goals. Change often creates progress

5) Focus on Data

All human beings can make poor choices or mistakes. Though, very few people want to admit that, which is why recruiting stereotypes are often so daunting. Apparently, research shows that hiring managers tend to collect performance feedback rather than allow the wrong person to be recruited. Therefore, many of us in positions of authority must be self-critical and check the consequences of our choices. For example, when you recruit others, define specific objective expectations that others can easily determine, and see if your success vision is in accordance with how other individuals perceive them. Likewise, arm yourself with sound evidence and data before you name anyone as an addition to your team, to secure that your choice is fair and sensible. Skill detection is a constant experimental operation, and it’s not about correcting it, but about coming up with better ways to refine it.

6) Multiple not Singular

Society frequently glamorizes individualism and presents a negative connotation of collectivity. Nearly all the value ever created, however, is the result of collective efforts by people with different backgrounds to bring their unparalleled talents together into highly performing synergies. So when you think about your talent pool, concentrate less on a person and more on the group: How well will person integrate with the team and can that team work well together, are they able to support one another and match their interpersonal and functional positions to the needs of the team? Each individual on great teams is a required body to perform a specific function and to distinguish between each part and another and make the systems larger than the sum of their units. Managers who are successful with talent evaluation know that the people on their team behave in a manner that is team focused instead of the individual.7) Make people better.

Understanding potential as a manager is a unique talent that allows top level managers to differentiate themselves for others and it has often lead to their own personal growth. In talent evaluation, it is important to remember that regardless of talented or skilled an employee is, they still need growth to remain actively engaged at their respective positions. Moreover, some employees may find themselves struggling with certain expectations and job requirements that they are capable of doing. As a top level manager, it is important to also help your employees find stability to maximize their potential. In many ways, the active role of a manager is similar to that of a coach for a sport.  This means top level managers have the ability for team and individual needs through critical feedback and communication practices.

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