Finding and Developing Top Talent in 2020 – Part One

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High-Level Managers Identify and Develop Talent

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FInd and Developing Top Talent in 2020 by The Payroll Company 505-944-0105

Top managers often have substantial accomplishments throughout their work history and have a strong desire to build and lead a team through development and talent management. Sometimes this skill set is misrepresented through inexperience or misidentification.

The capacity for top managers to identify top level talent, either within or outside of their organization is also essential to creating the very best team possible. Furthermore, for managers to develop the right people for their team, a manager must identify the best employees for specific roles, but also understanding whether that role is sustainable for them as well. Generally, the top managers of any industry are resourceful for finding the necessary talent to maximize their teams potential. 

Often, developing the skill set of being an effective leader at talent development can’t be described as effortless or straightforward. Moreover, traditional ways for identifying talent can be expressed as obsolete in terms of closed mindedness or specific hiring tactics. For example, many of the top company now evaluate whether a potential employee molds with their organization’s culture by also examining the diversity that a potential employee would bring to the organization. While it is still considerably important to approach the hiring process for talent for matching requirements of experience and expertise, top managers also assess for creativity, innovation, and critical thinking abilities.

Although there is no specific way to recruit talent, there are definitely more effective approaches than in the past. After doing some research, we have sculpted a list of results that identifies the difference between top level managers and incompetent managers, but also established a few topics that will aid in recruiting talented individuals and talent development.

1) Forward Thinking

Bizarrely, job applicants are often questioned in the form of job interviews about what their 5-year career ambitions are or where they’d like to be during the course of their career. Individuals in leadership positions recognize what abilities they are mainly looking for, yet far less think strategically to find out how often their new employee has qualities that are compatible with goals of the organization during the long-term. During the hiring process concentrate on directly engaging with potential employees with the skills, experience, expertise but also aid in stability for long-term goals of the organization. However, as a top level manager, it is equally important to focus on long-term expectations while not neglecting short-term goals of the organization. Rationally, it isn’t logical to hire employees for long term goals only.

2) Concentrate on the desirable qualities that both strengthen the team but also creates the diversity if necessary

The two main errors managers commit while assessing the abilities of other individuals were to ignore the value of their ability and relying only on their past performance. With developments in technology can be suggested that many of the jobs available today, will likely no longer be career paths for individuals in the future. Additionally, the current educational system isn’t necessarily designed for the future and aiding individuals with knowledge as different industries may disappear in the future.Therefore, it is important for top level managers to not focus primarily on the education of an individual who has applied for a position at a company. Although we may not know what such occupations are available, it is clear that soft skills have certain softer skills, such as emotional intelligence, motivation and communication skills should not be overlooked. That doesn’t not mean that an individual’s education isn’t important, as it is considered to be the foundation at which indicates whether an individual has the critical thinking ability for new skills and knowledge development.

Be sure to focus on patience when finding the right employee for your company. If you become impatient and make a rushed or even worse, a rash hiring decision, you will regret it.

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