Why Paperless Onboarding Makes Good Business Sense for Your Business or Organization

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Why Paperless Onboarding Makes Good Business Sense for Your Business or Organization by The Payroll Company

For employers in 2022 becoming completely paperless is still a thing. This change should be very high on a company’s priority list regarding managing its personnel and the data associated with those people. When executed correctly, the change can result in significant time savings, adding a layer of compliance protection and contributing to the effect that benefits the environment.

But let’s be honest: there are additional benefits to going paperless beyond simply “being green.” This is even though doing good deeds always makes one feel good. When you consider the procedures for onboarding new employees, can you declare without a doubt that you have the appropriate forms for each employee? What about the deadlines associated with each form, and are they being met? If this is not the case, you might not have to wait long before you make a new acquaintance: an auditor. Switching to an electronic system makes it simple and less stressful to maintain compliance with onboarding requirements such as deadlines and documents. Here are some reasons to consider transitioning your company or organization to a paperless onboarding system.


You may quickly automate allocating, tracking, and preserving the paperwork for your new hires when you use paperless onboarding. One-click will allow you to view the status of each form and the date it is due, and you will be notified by message if any further action is necessary. However, the perks are not limited to the initial few days that the person works for your organization. Thanks to secure digital records, employees and employers can readily return to the content at any time, as needed. This means there is no longer a need to hastily delve through file cabinets in search of missing paperwork.


How can you ensure that you don’t lose track of any of the documentation that your new employees are required to provide? Do you have a checklist for the necessary paperwork? Or do you like to wing it? The last thing you need right now, with everything else on your plate, is a mountain of documents that will make things even more difficult for you. Also, on the first day of the new employee’s employment, spending all of their energy navigating through an encyclopedia of forms will simply divert their attention from more relevant information and slow down their learning curve. Using a uniform digital approach, the onboarding process may be easier for you and your new employee. This results in a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Recognizable Reduced Expenditures

When was the last time you looked at how much money your firm spent on new employee onboarding? I’m unsure whether you’ve observed this, but the amount of time and paper it may take to put together hard-copy onboarding packages can soon add up! It is not uncommon for each packet of onboarding material to cost more than $10. And this is before considering the administrative costs or liability costs that might result from outdated, wrong, or missing forms. You may rest easy knowing that you will never spend another cent on paper or wasteful labor to build your onboarding packages if you move to a paperless onboarding system. This will allow you to create your onboarding packages much more quickly. You will also reduce the likelihood of being subjected to an expensive audit or litigation.

– Putting a personal spin on things: first impressions are the most important. This is especially true because the competition for top talent in today’s job market is fiercer, making it more difficult than ever to secure employment. Put your best foot forward by using a paperless onboarding system to provide your new employee with the most positive experience possible with the paperwork they need to complete on their first day on the job. Your employee will feel recognized and cherished because of the personal words and customization you provide. And considering the increasingly tech-savvy nature of today’s workforce, prospective employees will be far more appreciative of an intuitive digital interface rather than a paper package.

Compliance is the point at which the proverbial “rubber meets the road” in paperless onboarding; this is where the actual challenge lies. Because our onboarding templates are “set it and forget it,” compliance is stress-free, higher accuracy is achieved, and helpful supervision is provided. Moving away from paper to paperless onboarding guarantees that the process will be reliable and in compliance. Also, by having employees upload their papers and enter their information, you instantly cut down on the possibility of making mistakes due to human error in the process of information transcription.

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