10 Payroll and HR Challenges for 2020 & Beyond – Part Two

Kevin Kenealy human resources, payroll processing Comments Off on 10 Payroll and HR Challenges for 2020 & Beyond – Part Two ,

Employers faced several payroll and human resources regulatory challenges in 2020 and will do so in 2021 and beyond. Business owners and human resources departments need to become informed and plan accordingly each year.

With these key factors in mind, here are the top compliance subject challenges that both employers and HR departments need to aware of and plan for each year.

Worker Classification

In the U.S. courts and local and state legislatures worker classifications are being ruled on by enforcing agencies. The most controversial legislation for workers that are gig economy workers, such as rideshare gig workers, is California AB5, which took effect in January 2020. For workers to be classified as an independent contractor in the state employers need to show a worker meets the standards of a three part test under the new law.  

Multiple Payment Options Available to Businesses. 

During 2020 strong growth of payment service providers used to received and send monies will keep going. New advancements coming about are the release of Clearinghouse’s Real Time Payments network and the growth of the same-day ACH for companies and product featuring pay-on-demand permitting workers to get paid as they earn their wages. Non-cash payments will become the norm instead of the exception. Electronic payment options are easy and user-friendly. The eliminate the need for a bank account, but they provide the same advantages. Companies seeking to better their weekly cash flow by way of quicker payment methods and helping employees through non-cash payment methods should meet with a payroll processing company, or their bank to find out more about all the payment methods available today in 2020.

The major challenges for employers in Payroll and Human Resources in 2020 and beyond are going to expand as our workplaces become more complex and technologically oriented. The best approach to stay in line regarding all these topics and subjects is to review each of them quarterly, check to see if there have been any new changes in the last 90 days and then make changes to your companies policies, rules and regulation compliance strategies where and when necessary.

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